Is anyone else getting sick and tired of being told how to think, dress, vote, work, eat, play and generally live our lives? The whole world seems to be about nothing other than entertainment these days and that includes newscasts, political leaders and important issues on the health and well-being of our planet.

I, for one, am tired of pretty boy/ bad boy politicians telling us what is right and wrong and then doing the opposite themselves. Where is the policy, where is the vision – there isn’t any! They get elected on looks. They get elected on making outrageous and truth defying statements about their competition. And – they are not held accountable by the electorate and certainly not by the media.

I am really tired of the media giving us opinion instead of facts and letting us form our own opinions. I am old (and grumpy) enough to remember when news on radio, TV and in the papers was there to inform, not convince us. There was a code that insisted on presenting information in a fair, unbiased and objective fashion – now it is just so much entertainment fluff. What was she wearing, how was her hair, look at his skin tone, he is so photogenic – or not. Is anyone else tired and fed up with this crap?

Celebrities – OMG!!! How in God’s green earth do celebrities have the license to comment on anything that will gather them a few more eyeballs without any subject knowledge whatsoever? If I want to know how to dress-up and put on makeup while playing make believe, I will contact a Hollywood celebrity for advice. They are being given huge platforms for expressing opinion based on what – their connection with politicians and media. The herd instinct in Hollywood is rampant with misinformation, conjecture and political correctness and, “please do not confuse me with the facts.”

Integrity seems to be a word long lost in the realms of politics, media and Hollywood. Do we not realize that they insult our intelligence by listening to their diatribes on issues that contain very little fact and mostly social media savvy sound bites? We the people, we the electorate, we the consumer have a responsibility to look beyond this claptrap and find solid facts and information and then make voting and purchasing decisions based on our own opinions, not those of some polished, well coiffed talking-head on TV.

We need to look beyond the obvious and easy in order to find the truth – apparently no one else is doing it for us.  Let’s take back our power over own lives. Let’s accept the responsibility of doing what’s right rather than what we are told. Stop letting other people do our thinking for us. Yes, I am afraid that we are the ones that have allowed the unholy trinity of politicians, media and Hollywood to lead our decision making – STOP! THINK! ACT!

It is long past time to open our eyes to the manipulation foisted upon us by the terrible triumvirate and recreate a world with less pixie dust and more truth. It will require us to think for ourselves, be more cynical about what we see, hear and read, consider the sources and follow our own intuition and research about what is true or false.

Thank you – I feel much better now. Let’s hope that my mood brightens in the week to come.


Quotes I’m pondering:

If you’re going to work hard anyway,

you might as well get rich

Harv Eker


If millennials confuse you or, you are a confused millennial, you might find this YouTube video interesting:


 Books I’m reading:

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

A highly recommended book and I think they are making a movie based on it. I am struggling a bit. It is extremely well written without any doubt but I tend to like some plot in my fiction. I am currently 1/3 of the way through and will probably soldier on but more from a certain tenacity and OK, it’s paid for and I’m cheap.

Current binge watching:

The Fall starring Gillian Anderson on Netflix. Just 2 episodes left to watch of season 3, tense, exciting, lots of plot twists (see note on book above), well constructed, and terrific acting. Shot in Belfast, Ireland so the accent can be a bit of a challenge but thoroughly enjoying this series.


I’m Canadian so no update would be complete without complaining about the weather. Cold, snowy, icy roads – fireplace and a good book or TV series is the only answer other than a trip to someplace more civilized.


I have rediscovered the Crockpot recently. There seems to be several million new and tasty recipes on the internet and today’s includes chicken breasts, Italian sausages and the always aromatic combination of onions, garlic, tomatoes and spices – looking forward to dinner and leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. Perhaps a glass of red wine to accompany…


Had dinner last night before the Flames game with Tori at La Vita e Bella. Excellent meal (Mafalda “Bolognese”) and bottle of Valpolicella and the price was even better – Tori paid.

5 stars

True caller comments:

female voice starts with, “I just thought I would let you know that I am calling you from the bathtub.”


So a New Year dawns and it seems that there are many things from 2016 that have not been completed yet. January 2, 2017 and I finally feel like cleaning up my office and setting some new intentions for the year and in so doing, I have run across a few things that I have found interesting.


Everyone has an answer but what’s the question?

When we let go of doing and embrace being, we open a direct channel to inspiration.

A “writer” is a technical expert and an “author” is a creative force.

Put your mouth where your money is.

Why take one step in the direction of our dreams when we can become what we dream of right now?

Inspiration is that deep part of ourselves that emerges when we give ourselves permission to live our dreams.

Good intentions are not a substitute for good actions.

Change your mind – change your reality.


Is losing weight a negative intention?

What the hell is a “GIF” and a “meme?”

Do process and organization stifle creativity?

Is it possible to make someone else happy if you are not happy yourself?

How do I define “retirement?”

Why are some people so incredibly and constantly generous while others have no concept of generosity?

I have partial answers to some of these questions while others remain a mystery.


I could not, for the life of me, figure out the GPS system in our new vehicle – the least intuitive process I have ever encountered. I had hands-on advice from 3 of my favourite people who, me included, had lots of experience with GPS – all to no avail.


I threw 3 of my favourite people out of the vehicle in a small BC town on the Trans Canada Highway while I read the instruction manual (again) and figured out how to program the GPS. Sheesh – instruction manuals – who knew?

Well, I’ve cleaned up, thrown out and actually used some of the sticky notes that have been hanging around my desk and yes, there are still more. I’ve begun my New Year’s intentions by starting a Word document with them. I’m prepared for work tomorrow and complained about the additional snow and cold temperatures (OK, Christmas has come and gone – bring on the beach).


Write and think more about what it means to be a Baby Boomer

Put into print my Legacy Bio series – title to be confirmed.

Spend more time contemplating my navel – OK, so I need to lose (there’s that negative word) a few pounds in order to see it.

And yes, that’s navel not novel.

Laugh more

Write more

Listen more

Connect more

To each and everyone of you, I wish good health, joy and many new adventures for the year 2017.