Creating your own biography as a legacy for others is inspiring but there may be people in your life that you would like to see do the same thing. If so, then please share this on your Facebook or other social media platforms. I will be making a complete PDF available in the not too distant future and then a book and possibly a video series but help others get started on their personal history by clicking the share buttons on this page.inner-journey-3


A chronicle of our life journey would not be complete without mentioning the many changes that have occurred to us on the trip. According to some sources, every cell in our body is replaced in a 7 year period, so it should not surprise anyone that we have often made significant changes in our lives. If we have been open to what has been happening in our world, then we may have changed our viewpoints, attitudes, outlook, opinions, politics, spirituality, ideas … or not. Either way, it is a significant clue to who you are.

Name 3 (or more) core values that define your life and your philosophy. What are the personal beliefs that you live by?

What has been the best day of your life to date and why?

Projecting into the future, what could become the best day of your life?

We talk about living a “balanced” life – how well do you balance work with the rest of your life?

How well do you balance self evaluation with outside criticism?

Do you have a balance between the needs of others and your own needs – illustrate?

If you had no considerations around money, obligations, family, work or anything else – where would you live?

Given the previous lack of conditions, who or what kind of person, would you choose to live with?

What would you do with your time?

Fill in the blanks:

I should stop:

I would be better off without:

I need more:

I need less:

I should spend more time with:

It’s about time I:

I need to give myself:

What 5 things do you absolutely want to experience before you die?

What is the major thing that you could do when you were younger that you would like to be able to do now?

If a movie was created about your life, what would the title be?

Is there one over-powering thing or experience that you wish you had done in you life?

If you could change one decision in your past, what would it be?

What is the best decision you ever made?

I hope the experience of working on your life journal has been revealing, insightful and satisfying. There a few more chapters in this series as we bring alive the story of your life. If you have any suggestions for improving this series, I would welcome your thoughts.


Ancestry starts to become more important to us as we age. It’s good to remember that we will be “ancestors” to future generations and one of the most valuable legacies we can leave them is a time capsule of our life. We study history in school but most of us would agree that it is somewhat one-dimensional unless we have some sort of personal connection to that history. You can provide that connection to your children and their children by creating your personal history and how it relates to the events of your time. The time to begin creating your story, legacy, history and autobiography is now. Scroll back to part 1 and begin today if you haven’t already done so.mirror-1


My Body of Work

How do you feel about your body at this moment?

 What should you change and how would you do it?

What is the part that you like least?

What is your body part that you like best?

Do you go to a doctor for regular physicals?

Do you have any major physical issues to deal with?

Are you good to your body – regular exercise, good eating habits, nutritional supplements?

What area of physical health are you the most diligent about maintaining?

When, in your life, were you the happiest about your physical being and why?

Do you have a picture of yourself when you were at your “best?” Is it now?

Do you have any routines, relating to your physical well-being, that you practice diligently – what are they?

If not, what physical practice would you like to adopt and what is preventing you from doing it?

What is your most distinguishing physical feature? (hair, nose, eyes, ears, scars, etc.)

Do you have any tattoos or piercings? How do you feel about them?


Have you ever looked in the mirror and said to yourself, “Holy ?$!! – I look like my parent?”

When was the last time you caught yourself repeating something you heard from one of your parents and hated it? What was it?

Did you ever feel like you were picked on by your parents, nagged, over protected, or constantly being lectured?

Do you do that to your own children – ouch, or have you consciously avoided these things as a result?

Do you consider yourself a better or worse parent to your own children than your parents were to you? How?

Now that you are a little older, have your parents become much smarter?

Are you now in a situation where the roles with your own parents have reversed and you are the caretaker? Has that situation become a reality with your own children? How is that working for you?

 Hopefully you are participating in this project of bringing history alive for generations that follow you but here is another thought to pursue. You may have people around you, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or friends who might have a difficult time preparing their own personal history due to age or infirmity. Consider printing these templates and visiting them to encourage and assist them in sharing their story. It’s a great excuse for seeing them on a regular basis and just think of the benefit you are providing to someone else.


Ancestry is an important element of our personal history but we sometimes forget that we are ancestors to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Life is a never ending circle of events, people, circumstances, good decisions, bad decisions, big ideas, small steps, dreams and disappointments. Your part in this dance of life is important to those that follow. If you haven’t started already, scroll back to part 1 and begin your own life journal because history is much more than just a series of dates and events, it is about you and your relationship to your world. In keeping with your world, let’s see what happened while you inhabited the

During your lifetime to date, what are the five most dramatic events that occurred in the world (9/11, Berlin Wall, WWII, Vietnam, Woodstock, Aids, Internet, casual Fridays, landing on the moon, assassinations, civil wars, climate change)?

Describe how you were influenced by these events. Did they change your thoughts, feelings, actions or life in any way?

Are there any other historical events that have had an influence on you and the people around you?

Who is the current leader of your country?

What are the important domestic issues facing your country right now?

What international political events are unfolding as you write this journal?

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing humanity as you create this life journal?

Is technology an important part of your daily life? Describe how technology influences your daily activities (remember, this will all sound so quaint and archaic in a few decades).

What is your biggest pet peeve as you observe the world and people around you?

If you ruled the planet, what is the first change you would make?

Name five of the biggest entertainment names in the news right now.

What is your favorite sport and who are the major names in it?

Describe the largest public (sporting, political, entertainment, etc) event that you have ever attended.

Did you ever participate in some sort of leadership position in a significant public event, what was it and what was your role?

What are the most common sources of information today?

Where did you find information when you were a child and where do you expect future generations to find their information?

What is the population of the planet at this time and what was it when you were born?

What is the biggest influence on your happiness?

We are nearing the end of your personal history templates and so I encourage you to get started or at the very least, return to the first one and print each segment.  I will be creating a public program in the new year for which I will charge, so the free edition will cease in the near future. I would appreciate any feedback on your experience in creating a personal memoir or Legacy Biography. Is there something I should delete or add to make it better? I really do value the comments that you have made so far and I hope that this series is giving you a project that brings meaning and purpose to your life.