I’m sure getting tired of the ego driven rhetoric coming from these two clowns who pretend to be leaders in this world. My war machine is bigger than your war machine – really? Their egos are being propped up by the world media and other leaders who feel it necessary to comment on this nonsense. I have come to agree with some of the commentary on social media that suggests that these two be dropped on a deserted island to fight it out man to man. There are lots of islands in the Pacific that are vegetation and humanity free due to the nuclear testing that took place in the past. Let’s get something in place and do this immediately before their egos and big mouths create a hell that none of us ( the real people in this world) want.


So, here’s the best part of my plan: Trump and Kim-boy will assume that the winner of their manly fight will go on to world domination but, I propose that we don’t send a boat to pick up the winner. That will be our little secret – don’t tell anyone – we’ll leave whoever has the biggest “machine” on the island and forget both of them. We can then get on with the important business of living our lives. Less politicians, less media hype, people first! That’s what we’re good for.


Let’s celebrate today, this weekend and all year long. Canada’s birthday – our 150th at that – is reason to rejoice. Canada is an improbability in so many ways. I’m not sure it would be possible to create a country in today’s world like Canada. Seemingly, everything that could cause failure is present but despite the geography, languages, (far more than just English and French), cultural differences, crazy weather, enormous wilderness areas, mountains, rivers, mosquitoes, artery hardening poutine, economic challenges, political silliness, and everything else that conspires to make Canada impossible, we’re still here. 150 years and still rocking on! Happy Birthday Canada!


I know this is way before your time and mine, but 1967 was our centennial, Expo 67 was taking place in Montreal and everything was possible. The idea of terrorism, internet, cellphones, 60 inch TV’s, GPS, or another Trudeau in office didn’t occur to anyone. A little known band leader named Bobby Gimby became the Pied Piper of the country with this song:

Happy Birthday everyone and the world needs another 150 years of this!


“Sitting is the new smoking,” is a phrase that I heard for the first time the other day. I’m pretty sure that I am months, if not longer, behind the curve on this one. For someone who works 3 – 4 days a week in an office sitting in a chair and staring at a computer screen for 7.5 hours a day – well it hits home. I am very fortunate that I have one of those adjustable desks that allows me to raise it and stand whenever I wish, which is now much more frequently.

As I raise my awareness, along with the rest of me, I notice that other people are standing by their work stations like gophers in a prairie field checking the landscape for potential dangers. While standing, I find that I can raise my foot up onto my desktop – the desk part that doesn’t raise up – and get a nice stretch going in my legs, thighs and other nether regions.


This is an easy one this week. Otis Redding died in a plane crash before his iconic hit “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay,” became the first posthumous number one hit on both Billboard and the R & B charts and went on to garner Otis a posthumous Grammy, as well. He was only 26 when he died in 1967 but this song still makes me want to sit on a bench overlooking the ocean – however, perhaps I should now be standing instead.

From my position of heightened enlightenment I can view the smokers (now recognized as social pariahs in the building) huddling together, the mandatory 30 meters from the front door, having a smoke and sharing their various stories. The good news is that they are standing and not sitting – which would be so unhealthy.