Genre: Inspirational
Length: 132 pages
ISBN: 9781465722560
Robert J. Bannon was surprised to learn about the numerous shared feelings and challenges between birth mothers and the child they gave up. As an adoptee, he was compelled to explore this unique relationship resulting in a book of love and inspiration that will capture the hearts of everyone with any connection to adoption. My Secret Mother reveals the true feelings of a son still wondering
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About the Book

Adoption is an act of pure love but what about the emotions of the mother who gave birth and then relinquished a child she bore for nine months. As an adoptee, Mr. Bannon wondered about the circumstances surrounding his own birth and spent his life looking at everything from his own point of view. Through the random picking of an interestingly titled book, he learned about the lifelong connection between mother and child as they shared feelings of loss, abandonment, loneliness, anger, fear and the haunting realization that they were always different.
This new paradigm caused him to explore his own feelings and then capture and express his thoughts about the mother he never met. A very personal journey through the emotions that lay boarded up inside for over five decades is laid bare for all to see in this tender but inspirational offering.

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