THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR non fiction book writing for busy people

THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR    non fiction book writing for busy people
Genre: Writing
Length: 79 pages
ISBN: 9781470135492
The One Hour Author assumes that you have little time available to write your book. In one hour per day, using these ideas and guidelines, you can create your non-fiction book faster and easier than you thought possible. Now, you can become an authority in your field and realize the increased sense of purpose and credibility that being a published author brings. Written for early-stage authors.
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About the Book

So many people want to write a book. So many need to write one. But, just how does the non-professional go about organizing and following through on their dream without getting frustrated and giving up? The One Hour Author presents a logical, sequential and practical approach to creating the non-fiction book that sets its author apart from those people who only wish they had done the same. Credibility, authority, opportunity and a new found respect comes to those who author a book. The One Hour Author draws on the experience, passion and research of Robert J. Bannon to offer would-be writers the advice, inspiration, encouragement and practical guidance that will see their own books completed. He understands the challenges faced by people who already have full business and personal lives yet still hold on to the dream of being a published author. From this perspective, Mr. Bannon has created the ultimate guide for completing the non-fiction book that so many aspire to.

“in spite of the half dozen “how to write a book” books that I’ve read, I was just spinning my wheels.
I’m not sure if I was at a critical mass stage where things just fell into place when I read “The One Hour Author” or if your advice alone made the pieces fall into place for my own writing process.
Probably a bit of both.
Thanks Bob, I will keep you posted.
Holly Crichton
“Thanks for the One Hour Author. It is a very helpful and practical book.
I just finished my first book, “Moving On… after your relationship ends”, a practical guide to help you through relationship ending.
The first idea I took away was to outline the chapters of my book. This is a brilliant and helpful idea because after I did that I just went ahead and wrote each chapter.
The second idea was to set a time limit each day on my writing. I first made a commitment to write every day Monday to Friday. That really helped. Then  I could write for as long as I wanted with a minimum of an hour and then go do something else if I wanted to.
After each chapter was done I had an increasing sense of confidence that I would actually finish the book! I  am now ready to edit and polish it and get it out to the world. My confidence soared when I completed the last chapter.
Thanks Bob, The One Hour Author really helped me.”
Howard Parsons


If you are thinking about writing a non-fiction book and want advice and useful tips, this is the book for you. This book helped me take my first steps to creating my book and I am so glad I bought this. The advice within is invaluable and had taught me things that without the book, I would never have known. Well thought out and written and I highly recommend this book to anyone thinking or creating a non-fiction book.

By Emily Leanne Lane on November 14, 2012

Highly Recommended

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