When it comes to creating a personal history or a biography to leave as a legacy to others, dates and times are important but the things that readers will find the most interesting – is the real you. What were your hopes and dreams – what were your successes and disappointments and how did they affect your life?

friends-1Remember that you don’t necessarily have to share this information with anyone at any time but, at some point in the future, someone will wonder who you were and how you have affected their lives many generations later. You can ultimately decide when your Legacy Bio can be opened and to whom it will be released. Go ahead and answer all of these questions and you can make decisions and edit later.


Including the addresses, where are the main places that you have lived? Can you give some details about the house, apartment, etc.?

What was special about each place you lived?

Are there any similarities about the various residences – proximity to water, night life, trees, views, geography, work, play, or anything else?

Create a drawing of your current bedroom.

What are the major places you have visited for both vacations and business?

What family vacation stands out in your memory and why?

Have you ever taken a vacation by yourself – where and why?

What is the next big destination on your bucket list?


Who was your first best friend?

How did you meet and are you still friends?

What is the name of some of your other closest buddies over the years?

Who is your best friend now – expand on your relationship?

Have you ever been cheated by a lover, friend or family member?

What happened?

Have you ever betrayed someone – what happened?

Can you remember someone “putting it on the line” for you, someone who took a personal risk to back you up?

How many times have you been in love?

In your love relationships, who said “I love you” first?

What was your greatest romantic experience?

What was the worst?

OK, here it is, the one you have been waiting for – describe your first sexual experience.

Have any love relationships been lost due to death, illness, divorce or something else and what was that like for you?

What actions have you taken to get over those losses?

Have you ever experienced being in love with more than one person at a time?

What are the characteristics of a lover or marriage partner that are most important to you?

Attractiveness – describe in what ways


Financial means



Sense of humor

What other characteristics are important or are “deal breakers?”

Did you ever end a relationship with a close friend or family member and why?

Has a friend or family member ever ended their relationship with you and do you know why or what prompted it?

Have you considered trying to repair the relationship?

How would that person get back into your good graces – what would they have to do or say – or could they?

Who is it in your life that you still need to forgive?

Who, in your life, have you been too lenient with when it comes to overlooking their failings?

 If you have children, explain how you love each one differently.

Do you parent your children differently than your parents raised you?

How have you improved on the parent/child relationship compared to your own parents?

If you have no children – how would you raise your children differently if you had some?

If you could ask three questions of anyone in your life, past or present, and you were absolutely guaranteed a truthful answer, what would you ask of whom?

So, now we are getting to some “meat and potatoes” issues, revealing ourselves for all (or maybe no one) to see. How do you feel about this exercise? Would you encourage someone else to do it too? Would you help them if they are unable to physically work on this project themselves?
The more we know about where and who we come from, the more we are able to understand ourselves. Please share if you agree.

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