Your personal history includes how you fit into the rest of the world. Your place on the planet is much more than just your family and closest friends but includes your relationships with people and places in much wider circles. Let’s take a look at how you make your mark on others.connect-with-world-1


Have you ever volunteered to help others?

Was this with an organization, and if so, what organization(s)?

Did you ever travel as a volunteer – where?

Describe your main volunteer activities in the past – names, places, what, why.

Are you currently volunteering?

Do you plan to volunteer in the future?

If you could choose to do any volunteer activity anywhere in the world, what would it be and why?

Expand on your most impactful volunteer experience to date.


Who are your closest neighbors and describe them ( they’ll never read this – will they?)

How would you describe yourself as a neighbor – friendly, distant, nod only, live in each others houses, lots of parties, borrow and return tools, nosy, helpful, etc?

Describe your ideal neighbor.

What’s your biggest pet peeve with neighbors?

Have you ever had a fight with a neighbor – if so, what happened?

Describe the most difficult neighbors you ever lived near.


Describe each of your jobs using the who, what, where and why process.

What was your favorite job and why?

What do you do today?

If you work outside your home – what is the address?

What do you like most and least about your current job?

What main attributes do you bring to your current job?

Do you have any areas you would like to improve upon in your current position?

Do you have to commute – how long?

Do you participate in any ongoing training, upgrading or learning in your job?

Have you ever quit a job – what was the story?

Were you ever fired – why?

If you could choose any job in the world, regardless of education, money and location – what would it be?

Do you delegate tasks easily or are you that “if you want it done right, do it yourself”  person?

Are you ever reluctant to take vacations or are you constantly planning the next one?

If you are sick, do you go to work anyway?

What are your weekends like – full of projects, tasks and to-do lists or are they filled with naps?

When you go on vacation – are you constantly sightseeing, finding new adventures, trying something you have never tried before or is a beach chair and drink more your style?

Are you retired or planning to retire? What are your thoughts about it?

Some people say they are busier in retirement than they were at work – how about you – are you, or will you, be busier?

Describe an average day in your retirement.

Would you, or did you, ever take a sabbatical from work – if so, what did or would you do?

One way to connect with the world is to encourage others to add their story  of who and where they come from. Let’s not lose the connections to our past and let’s help our friends and family create their own personal history by telling them about this project. You can send them an email directly from this page to show them how they can create their own Legacy. Just click on the email symbol.

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