Ancestry starts to become more important to us as we age. It’s good to remember that we will be “ancestors” to future generations and one of the most valuable legacies we can leave them is a time capsule of our life. We study history in school but most of us would agree that it is somewhat one-dimensional unless we have some sort of personal connection to that history. You can provide that connection to your children and their children by creating your personal history and how it relates to the events of your time. The time to begin creating your story, legacy, history and autobiography is now. Scroll back to part 1 and begin today if you haven’t already done so.mirror-1


My Body of Work

How do you feel about your body at this moment?

 What should you change and how would you do it?

What is the part that you like least?

What is your body part that you like best?

Do you go to a doctor for regular physicals?

Do you have any major physical issues to deal with?

Are you good to your body – regular exercise, good eating habits, nutritional supplements?

What area of physical health are you the most diligent about maintaining?

When, in your life, were you the happiest about your physical being and why?

Do you have a picture of yourself when you were at your “best?” Is it now?

Do you have any routines, relating to your physical well-being, that you practice diligently – what are they?

If not, what physical practice would you like to adopt and what is preventing you from doing it?

What is your most distinguishing physical feature? (hair, nose, eyes, ears, scars, etc.)

Do you have any tattoos or piercings? How do you feel about them?


Have you ever looked in the mirror and said to yourself, “Holy ?$!! – I look like my parent?”

When was the last time you caught yourself repeating something you heard from one of your parents and hated it? What was it?

Did you ever feel like you were picked on by your parents, nagged, over protected, or constantly being lectured?

Do you do that to your own children – ouch, or have you consciously avoided these things as a result?

Do you consider yourself a better or worse parent to your own children than your parents were to you? How?

Now that you are a little older, have your parents become much smarter?

Are you now in a situation where the roles with your own parents have reversed and you are the caretaker? Has that situation become a reality with your own children? How is that working for you?

 Hopefully you are participating in this project of bringing history alive for generations that follow you but here is another thought to pursue. You may have people around you, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or friends who might have a difficult time preparing their own personal history due to age or infirmity. Consider printing these templates and visiting them to encourage and assist them in sharing their story. It’s a great excuse for seeing them on a regular basis and just think of the benefit you are providing to someone else.

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