Perhaps you think that your personal history is not very important in this world of information – you could not be more wrong. bow-river-1Many people think that in a world of Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagam and all the other social sharing platforms that there is too much personal information out there already. But think about that for a minute. All of that information tends to be a mile wide and an inch deep, including our own. Spending the time to create your personal history offers an in-depth view of a person who cares about the legacy they are leaving to others. The time spent in this endeavor will enrich the lives of your family and friends in so many more ways than a few posts of vacation pictures and embarrassing moments. By completing your Legacy Biography, you are revealing yourself to be the person you really are – take the plunge for your own benefit, if not the benefit of others.

Do you remember the first time that you experienced the death of someone you knew? Who was it and how did you feel about it?

Do you believe in an after life? What happens after someone dies? Heaven, hell, reincarnation, nothing, something else?

Do you want to be buried, cremated or something else? If you were cremated, what would you want done with your ashes?

How do you want people to remember you?

If you could write 5 sentences of your eulogy, what would they be?






What is the most unique, strangest or weirdest thing about yourself that no one else knows about?

When you look at the world or universe around you, what is the most awe-inspiring thing about it?

If there was one rule or law that you could add to humanity, what would it be?

If you could cancel one common practice in society, what would you eliminate?

What is your biggest fear?

If you could wave your magic wand and eliminate that fear, what would you replace it with?

In what ways are you courageous?

Did you ever get involved in something that you were sorry for, or are you sorry that you did not get more involved?

If you could create your ideal “15 minutes of fame” without any repercussions or conditions (talent, money, experience, knowledge, etc.) what would you do?

If you could add a tag line to your name, what would it be?

Do you have any unfinished business with anyone? What needs to be said or done to complete this situation?

What is the most important or unpleasant task that you habitually put off or avoid?

What are the least important tasks that you fill your time with?

What scares you the most about dying?

What brings you the most joy about living?

Would you like to know some of these answers about your own parents or other family members? Do you see the value in sharing this information with them? If so, then offer to help them prepare their own personal history or story. At the very least, share this program with people who would find value and a sense of completion by working on their Legacy Bio.

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