Congratulations on moving forward with your personal Legacy Bio. Future generations will appreciate your efforts and thoughtfulness.

You may find it helpful to begin assembling old photos, report cards, athletic awards, ribbons or any other mementos of your childhood so that they can be included in your history and so that you will be reminded of things that you want to add. These are the items that will add reality to your story. When working on this project you will find it easier to forward your thought process to your great grandchildren and consider what they will be curious to know about you and the times you lived in. Remember the times before internet, cellphones and instant technology – let them know what your life was like – make history come alive for story

Let’s take a look at your early years:

What is your earliest memory?

Do you remember any favorite books, movies or bedtime stories?

Who were your babysitters, did you have a favorite?

Did you have a special blanket or teddy bear? What was its name? Even better – do you still have either?

Do you remember your favorite toy or game?

Do you wish you still had one of them?

Were there any songs, nursery rhymes or dances from your early childhood that you remember?

Can you remember any new siblings coming into your home and what do you remember about their arrival?

Can you recall your first day of nursery school or kindergarten? What was it like?

What was the name of your first school and where was it?

Who was your favorite teacher – tell us about them?

Who was your best friend in your early school days – what was their name, what were they like, where did they live?

Did your family have any religious preferences, affiliations and practices?

How often did you attend church services, where was it, what day of the week, any special services you remember? If this was an important part of your childhood, tell us more.

How did you learn to swim, ride a bike, skate?

Did you have any pets, what kind, what were their names?

Any unusual pets – like a one legged parrot who kept repeating “shiver my timbers?”

Did you have any “imaginary” friends? Would you care to explain?

Were you ever punished for something you did or said – how, by whom and why?

Did you have any childhood fears (the dark, clowns, monsters under the bed, your Uncle Bob)? How did you overcome them or did you?

What were some of your favorite things as a child that no longer exist? (think candy brands, remember wax lips, saddle shoes, 45’s, fluffy dresses, raccoon caps, tin can and string communicators, hiding under your desk during nuclear bomb drills at school, homemade candy treats at Halloween, sports cards clipped to your bicycle spokes)?

Do you have any special memories around those things?

Childhood – it was fun, scary and a time full of dreams with no limitations. We didn’t know if we were rich or poor, liberal or conservative. Summers went on forever and a nickel would buy a candy bar. Let your future generations know what it was like – it will be ancient history for them but reality for you – give them the benefit of your life. Please remember to pass this project on to others by sharing through the various buttons on this page and sign up for email notifications about the rest of this series.


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