Your Legacy Biography is beginning to take serious shape and the next phase of your life starts to unfold with optimism, confusion, dreams and fears – let’s explore them. The transition from the carefree days of high school or real life challenges of high school is one that each of us has a unique connection with. It’s time to take a look at those days when dreams were still real, challenges were coming at us and the scary prospect of adulthood was rearing its head. It was time to start facing life while still clutching at the naivete of youth.young-adults

When you were in high school, did you dream of the perfect job? What was it?

Did any of your plans for the perfect future have to be changed due to academic, financial, health, family, major events or other situations?

What happened and how did it affect you?

After you finished high school, what did you do?

What were the various options open to you regarding, job, school, love, military, travel, etc?

If you proceeded to higher education, describe and name the school, the courses, your best memories and the effect this had on your life both then and now.

What did you do during your summers?

What academic level did you finally achieve?

What difficulties and challenges did you encounter along the way?

Did you have any special teachers, professors, bosses, friends or family who were a memorable influence on this part of your life?

When you think back on your schooling, was anything missing, was there something else you wish you had learned?

Real life began to intrude in those days – what did you learn in the school of hard knocks?

Real lessons also began to show up – lessons about your relationships, money, work – which lessons were learned easily?

Did you ever make some unwise decisions, oversleep, had a check come back, miss an important meeting or do something else that you would consider kind of dumb today?

It may be a mistake to live in regret but if you could make some changes in this phase of your life, what would they be?

Would you choose a different job, different academic path, different friends, different advice?

During that time did you feel in control of your life or were you simply going from day to day to the next “thing”, the next party, the next class, the next paycheck?

If you had a “do-over” what is the one major thing you would change about the decisions you made in your late teens, early twenties – or would you?

What was the major thing that happened during this transition phase that had the biggest impact on your life today?

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