What will your legacy be? Creating your personal history helps future generations understand you, themselves and their roots. You can leave a legacy of property and money but neither will tell your grandchildren and their children your story or where and how they came to be.  Using this template of fill-in-the-blanks offers the opportunity to help history come alive and give your descendants a true picture of the life and times of YOU.

first-job-1Someone made a strong impression on you when you were a young adult – a teacher, parent, family member – someone. Consider writing a note to them reminding them of their advice or thoughts and describe your life today. Did they encourage and support you or were their predictions a negative influence? Tell them how their words influenced who you are today.

What was your first real-life job?

Were you a good employee, were you enthusiastic, interested, involved or was it less than inspiring – how did your attitude affect your success?

Did you learn anything about your strengths and weaknesses? What were they?

Did your family influence your first job decision – what role did they play?

Did you accept their advice or rebel against it?

Was your career decision influenced by money, intellectual curiosity, innate talent, creativity, or a desire to make a difference in the lives of others?

When did you leave your parent’s home and how old were you?

Where did you move to? How far away was it? Do you remember the address, the neighborhood, the surrounding stores, shops, businesses?

What kind of furnishings did you have and where did you get them?

When did you purchase your first vehicle and what was it, how much did you pay, did you use it for work? Describe it.

Did you ever throw a really wild party? What was the wildest party you ever attended and what was the wildest party you were ever thrown out of? Were the police ever involved in these memorable events?

What was the biggest financial gamble you ever took and how did it work out?

What was your biggest emotional risk and how did that work out?

Describe the biggest physical risk you ever took and how it worked out.

How did you normally meet friends and lovers at this stage of your life?

Did you ever regret passing up an opportunity for love?

Did you ever pass up an opportunity for money or a job that you regret or are thankful for?

Describe the most romantic date you ever had.

Did you have a busy and active romantic life?

How many casual relationships did you have before the first serious one came along?

What first attracted you to a “significant other”?

What personal traits, characteristics, values and interests helped to deepen your relationships?

What made you feel that you were ready to move beyond a casual relationship to something more meaningful and committed?

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