Nobody cares how much you know until they know

how much you care.

Theodore Roosevelt

theodore roosevelt

This is a great quote from a very quotable person, Theodore Roosevelt, and it is particularly important to today’s successful salesperson. If you follow me (and if you don’t, why not?) you know that I am constantly, and perhaps too frequently, trying to convince you to write a book that will bring value to your customers and prospects. OK, so I know that 99% of you are never going to write a book. What can you do instead? If you accept Mr Roosevelt’s advice here are a few ideas:

  • instead of a book perhaps you could prepare a single sheet of information to share that will offer some value. It doesn’t have to be about your product or service but could simply be a mutual interest like fishing, cooking, good wines, a travel destination
  • your client may have been quoted in an industry article or newspaper, cut it out, read it and ask about it the next time you meet. Asking a probing question is much better than just saying that you saw the article – you care if you want more information yourself.
  • ask more about your prospect’s business, its problems, successes – what do they actually do? I am always amazed when I ask a salesperson some detail about a prospect’s company and they don’t know anything other than that they should buy our product or service.
  • being of value to a customer means taking an interest beyond the order pad – it means showing that you know enough about them that you can recommend and offer ┬áreal life solutions, not just features and benefits
  • knowing who your client’s customers are will help you to provide more targeted and valuable solutions – ask who they sell to – who is their ideal customer

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