I’m sure getting tired of the ego driven rhetoric coming from these two clowns who pretend to be leaders in this world. My war machine is bigger than your war machine – really? Their egos are being propped up by the world media and other leaders who feel it necessary to comment on this nonsense. I have come to agree with some of the commentary on social media that suggests that these two be dropped on a deserted island to fight it out man to man. There are lots of islands in the Pacific that are vegetation and humanity free due to the nuclear testing that took place in the past. Let’s get something in place and do this immediately before their egos and big mouths create a hell that none of us ( the real people in this world) want.


So, here’s the best part of my plan: Trump and Kim-boy will assume that the winner of their manly fight will go on to world domination but, I propose that we don’t send a boat to pick up the winner. That will be our little secret – don’t tell anyone – we’ll leave whoever has the biggest “machine” on the island and forget both of them. We can then get on with the important business of living our lives. Less politicians, less media hype, people first! That’s what we’re good for.

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