In a nutshell, I love trying new things and if I can leverage my previous sales and business experience, as well as writing, speaking and training leadership – great.

We live in a culture where we are defined by our careers. We have all participated in the dance of discovery at a party or event where we meet someone for the first time. Most times the opening question sounds like this, “so, what do you do?” or the more recently, “are you retired yet?”

It is the great leveler and it is how we decide who has the upper hand, the most power, the most clout, or the most interesting life. This may have had more to do with the always delicate male ego in the past but it has easily crossed the gender boundary in today’s world. When we ask the question, we want the answer to be short and clear, and preferably one word, so that we can get to our own story as quickly as possible.

The ABOUT page of a personal website takes the two way dialogue out of the equation and allows the owner to expound at great length about his or her wonderful qualities, experiences, and unique gift to the world – WELCOME!

At various times in my life I have answered “salesperson,” “manager,” “business owner,” “stockbroker,” “vice-president,” “house-fixer-upper-and-seller,” and the always popular, “consultant.” For the past several years I have usually listed “writer,” “speaker,” or “workshop facilitator.” This has not prevented me from enjoying some contract work for various government departments while continuing to write, renovate my own house and travel.

One of the things that I always seem to gravitate toward, whether in speaking, writing or in a conventional job, is taking complex issues, ideas and concepts and making them understandable, first to me and then for others. I think there may be some truth in the feeling that I may have made a good teacher (although the bureaucracy of school teaching would have driven me even further around the bend).

Learning has been a lifelong passion and with the introduction of the internet, I find myself in a constant state of research regardless of how much BS may also be available from that source. The trick is to separate the wheat from the chaff. The built in cynicism I’ve come to recognize and love leads to a few opinions to join the new knowledge and helps with the separation process.

I spend my working days explaining income tax issues to taxpayers and get a real ego boost when thanked for making something overly complicated understandable to an otherwise intelligent layperson.The issue that really bothers me about that whole area of life is how many people sign over their financial matters to someone else instead of taking the time to learn, step by step, how their money works. Scary to think how many people have no clue where their hard earned dollars go.

A few days ago, I posed a question on my Facebook page, “what is your life purpose?” and am totally amazed and humbled by the number of comments on my post and the number of private replies that I have had. I had a pre-formed opinion that the majority of people would not be able to articulate their reason for getting out of bed in the morning but I was wrong. I seem to be surrounded by friends and family who have considered this question in their own lives and most have actually lived their purpose – I am both inspired and in awe.

So, in keeping with my ever-evolving and revolving “raison d’etre,” I am moved to use this platform to further elucidate the burning questions of the day. I really do like learning things and the best way for me to learn is to use my newly minted knowledge to teach others. I am going to move forward researching things that catch my eye and explain them on my website as best I can. Recently – OK, about a year or so ago, I began looking at the oil and gas industry and trying to understand how it works. It is so much more than simply the ransom I pay when filling up at the pump. I may continue that learning program and post what I deduce for your further edification and fun. Now some things are well beyond my ability and they include understanding Pokemon-Go, what a “meme” is and of course, any understanding whatsoever of women.

In a constantly evolving world, I must admit a love hate relationship with technology (perhaps this website is a perfect example) but the changes brought on by the World Wide Web, and the hardware and software developed to harness it, are nothing short of mind boggling. The entire world has been opened to anyone with “access” and I embrace all of it. I just wish that people in third world countries and those in closed societies had the same ability.

Sometimes, I am a bit jealous of those people who can answer the “what do you do” question in one word – doctor, engineer, lawyer, etc. But, I must admit that I cannot imagine doing the same thing day after day throughout my life and so I continue to indulge a variety of interests and passions, never losing sight of the fact that being a “bad actor” will always be a proud period in my life.