The Meaning of Introvert

I am an introvert. I always thought that this was something that needed to be fixed or cured. There was something wrong with me and I needed to change in order to live my life fully. Until very recently, I honestly believed this to be true. If you are an introvert, you may very well understand what I am talking about and if you are an extrovert, you probably think that there is more than a grain of truth in that statement. This has been an overriding truism in my life forever – until a month or so ago, that is.

The best book that I have read this year is, Insight: Reflections on the Gift of Being an Introvert by Beth L. Buelow.┬áThe word “gift” threw me until I read the book and then the word “insight” found its meaning – wow! The author gave a definition of introverted that resonated for me. It’s all about energy: extroverts gain energy from other people while introverts gain energy from within, from being by themselves. That’s why I am always happy in my own company – it energizes me. It explains why, when I am speaking in public, acting as an MC at a wedding, leading a seminar, etc. I am drained of energy while others that do the same thing are actually high on the energy. It explains why I always take a few minutes before “going on stage” to go to the washroom for a bit of┬ásolitude in order to gather my energy.

The book explains my life and makes a very clear case for no longer thinking I need to change – I am an introvert and there is nothing that needs fixing here. My friend Kim Staflund from Polished Publishing Group is releasing her new book, “Successful Selling Tips for Introverted Authors” in late November and recently linked this TED talk in her Facebook feed from Susan Cain: