Quotes I’m pondering:

If you’re going to work hard anyway,

you might as well get rich

Harv Eker


If millennials confuse you or, you are a confused millennial, you might find this YouTube video interesting:


 Books I’m reading:

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

A highly recommended book and I think they are making a movie based on it. I am struggling a bit. It is extremely well written without any doubt but I tend to like some plot in my fiction. I am currently 1/3 of the way through and will probably soldier on but more from a certain tenacity and OK, it’s paid for and I’m cheap.

Current binge watching:

The Fall starring Gillian Anderson on Netflix. Just 2 episodes left to watch of season 3, tense, exciting, lots of plot twists (see note on book above), well constructed, and terrific acting. Shot in Belfast, Ireland so the accent can be a bit of a challenge but thoroughly enjoying this series.


I’m Canadian so no update would be complete without complaining about the weather. Cold, snowy, icy roads – fireplace and a good book or TV series is the only answer other than a trip to someplace more civilized.


I have rediscovered the Crockpot recently. There seems to be several million new and tasty recipes on the internet and today’s includes chicken breasts, Italian sausages and the always aromatic combination of onions, garlic, tomatoes and spices – looking forward to dinner and leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. Perhaps a glass of red wine to accompany…


Had dinner last night before the Flames game with Tori at La Vita e Bella. Excellent meal (Mafalda “Bolognese”) and bottle of Valpolicella and the price was even better – Tori paid.

5 stars

True caller comments:

female voice starts with, “I just thought I would let you know that I am calling you from the bathtub.”

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