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I an gradually transitioning most of my blogging efforts to the HOME page of this site but there are lots of thoughts at my other blogs that you might like. I have been “blogging” for years and at this time, I post to 3 main ones over at Blogger. You might be interested in following one of them depending on your own interests:


Giving people, like you, the confidence and tools to write their own book. Based on writing my own books, one-on-one coaching of other authors, and facilitating writing workshops, the Book Mentor blog offers tons of free information, ideas and advice to the early stage author. We have followers from around the world on this site because of the incredible amount of information to keep them inspired, writing and publishing – try it out if you have ever thought about writing your own book.


For over 3 decades I worked in a variety of sales or management positions and like everyone else, I had a few good managers that I reported to and many that were, let’s say, less than good. I started this blog recently based on what I would like to hear from a sales manager that would inspire me to become the best sales person I could be. Once again, tips, ideas and information to make us think and act in a way that brings success. If you are in sales at any level, or know someone who is, The One Minute Sales Manager may be just the thing to subscribe to that will¬†improve your results.


My first blog and still the one that is the most revealing and the most fun for me. This is a mish mash of personal anecdotes, stories, ideas and other things that cross my mind in weird and wonderful ways. Like the tag line says, “A Baby Boomer shares the natural by-product of a fertile mind”