Let’s celebrate today, this weekend and all year long. Canada’s birthday – our 150th at that – is reason to rejoice. Canada is an improbability in so many ways. I’m not sure it would be possible to create a country in today’s world like Canada. Seemingly, everything that could cause failure is present but despite the geography, languages, (far more than just English and French), cultural differences, crazy weather, enormous wilderness areas, mountains, rivers, mosquitoes, artery hardening poutine, economic challenges, political silliness, and everything else that conspires to make Canada impossible, we’re still here. 150 years and still rocking on! Happy Birthday Canada!


I know this is way before your time and mine, but 1967 was our centennial, Expo 67 was taking place in Montreal and everything was possible. The idea of terrorism, internet, cellphones, 60 inch TV’s, GPS, or another Trudeau in office didn’t occur to anyone. A little known band leader named Bobby Gimby became the Pied Piper of the country with this song:

Happy Birthday everyone and the world needs another 150 years of this!

One thought on “OH CANADA, EH

  1. Happy Birthday Canada ! Great comments Bob….We are so very lucky to live in this great nation. Yes we have some issues that need to be resolved….but overall we are living in a country where each person can live according to their own values. Our nation is one of great diversity both in culture and landscape. So much of Canada to see yet! Proud to be Canadian!

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