Is it just me or is anyone else becoming politically exhausted? No matter where I turn these days, it is 24/7 of political commentary, opinion, breaking news, blah, blah, blah. And it is much more than just the latest ranting and raving of Trump and his family, supporters and detractors – it seems to be worldwide – Britain, Canada, Germany, OMG – the Mideast, Philippines, China, Venezuela,  Brexit, EU, trade wars, immigration and terrorism – just to name a few of the politically charged stories that are inundating us. I don’t know if it is age, or the age we live in, but it seems impossible to escape as we see wall to wall videos on YouTube, Facebook and TV news, along with constant news updates on our car radios, newspapers (there are still some left aren’t there?) and virtually every social media opportunity that exists.

Everyone seems to be getting in on the act as politicians of every stripe and intelligence level weigh in on everything they see (whether they have any real ability to effect change or not) and anyone with an audience is compelled to let their opinions be known to their followers. I’m simply getting tired of it – what about you? Social gatherings require us to respond to questions about what we think of this crisis or that. In our own city, just the possibility of building a new hockey arena has become a source of accusations and political invective that is laced with personal accusations and blame – get over it – build the damn arena – there’s enough money to pay for it!

People are turning away from the political arena by the thousands as they tire of the never ending diatribe and become wary, as well as weary, of the constant bickering and accusations, unfounded criticism, and outright hatred foisted upon us as “news.” “Aye, but there’s the rub,” a much bigger danger than exhaustion lurks when we choose to ignore the political unrealities of the day, but first a work from our unsponsors…


OK, hands up anyone who doesn’t have a copy of “RUMOURS” by FLEETWOOD MAC in their music collection. I didn’t think so. The eighth highest selling album of all time with over 40 million copies sold, it was released in 1977. The band seemed to be in constant turmoil with members coming and going, romantic relationships on and off, and various members leaving and returning but wow, could they turn out the hits. Rumours sat on top of the Billboard list for over 30 weeks and garnered awards and still commands an incredible amount of play time on stations worldwide.

Lindsey Buckingham leads the way on “Go Your Own Way”  and may seem an apt addition to this post.

Go ahead, listen again and turn it up louder – I can wait.

The real danger of political exhaustion is that intelligent people stop listening. They ignore the posturing and nonsense that surrounds the political arena. Political freedom and democracy are messy, tiresome and full of people who are there only to promote their own agendas. The scary part is that if history teaches us anything, then we cannot afford to ignore what is being done in our name. Smarter people than me have warned that if good men ignore what their leaders are doing, then the leaders easily become demagogues out for their own interests and that becomes something far more complicated and scary than democracy. That is when totalitarianism becomes reality. Stay focused and make these leaders remain transparent and accountable. Read not only the viewpoints that you agree with but the opposition as well – alternate ideas may help pave the way to true freedom and democracy.


The F word became a topic of conversation following dinner with friends last night. (What, you don’t have conversations with people like that?) The F word is used everywhere these days by male and female alike, no matter what their age and stage. We see it all over the internet, social media and it is rapidly becoming acceptable on our TV screens (try Netflix), in the office, and has been used in mainstream movies and comedy for decades. The whole purpose of the F word is to shock us but what its users don’t understand is that it is no longer shocking but merely annoying. It has little or no meaning when it is used so commonly and frequently.

It is used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and a punctuation mark interchangeably. It is meant by its users to get our attention, to express some sort of shock or awe. But what it really is is lazy language. Rather than describe, articulate or make a meaningful point, we would rather use the F word to try and accomplish the same thing – lazy. It would have so much more weight to use actual language to make the point, so much more powerful because most people simply dismiss the F word and the thought around it. Consequently, what was trying to be accomplished is lost.

I am definitely not holier than thou so I am going to make a conscious effort to eliminate the F word from my own language choices. I will allow myself dispensation when whacking my finger with a hammer, although a forcefully used, “Shit!” may perchance make a suitable substitute.


There is no connection between the title of this blog and the title of this tune by the Righteous Brothers. I heard it on the way to the grocery store. Back in the day, it seemed like every dance seemed to close with this song. This 1964 offering was produced by Phil Spector and is usually thought of as one of his best recordings. Bobby Hatfield and Bill Medley (cool name – I wonder if it’s real) had several top 10 hits including Unchained Melody. Their stage name came from a marine who used to attend their concerts and after each one would yell, “Hey, that was righteous, brothers!”

Lazy language is everywhere but wouldn’t it be much more impactful if people, ourselves included, actually used descriptive language to express their feeling and emotions to shock us? I suspect it would be. My sexism is going to show here but I still get a twinge when I hear a woman using the F bomb although I don’t think it makes it any more acceptable for a guy to use the lazy way out either.


Barbecues are one of the better bargains of our time. If you assume the cost is about 1000.00 and they last about 10 years, it works our to about 2.00 per week. Not bad economics. I’ve had mine about 10 years now (and the cost per week is less than half the 2.00)  and it is ready to retire. I’ve been pondering my next barbecue purchase for a bit and have always wanted a Weber. The ratings are excellent and apparently the quality tops everyone’s list even if the price seems a bit steep. Over the past couple of months I have been checking and comparing models based on our needs and also hoping for a sale. My standard approach to making a purchase, research, comparisons, shopping and asking questions has been proceeding as usual until this week…

Now, I should admit that I have often suffered from U.S. envy. When I was a young lad, I thought that I wanted to move to California to attend college – I may have had that mixed up with Beach Boy songs about surf, sun and girls but nevertheless – California dreamin’ I did. As I got older I spent time researching the possibility of living in Hawaii and doing some more dreaming. I have many relatives who seem perfectly happy living in the States and I have traveled to many parts, east, west, north and south, for both business and pleasure. However, in my dotage, and as I ponder the recent events originating south of our border, I am frankly getting pissed off.

Yes, it’s a very small thing and will have absolutely no impact on any of Trump’s foreign and trade policy announcements, but I no longer want a “built in the USA” barbecue, any more than I want a built in China barbecue either. So, I have now narrowed my search to Canadian manufacturers and seem to be looking mostly at Broil King made in good old Kitchener. Regardless of ratings and everything else, I am supporting our own manufacturers as much as possible until this “dark night of the orange narcissist” passes.


 I don’t know if this happens to you but some songs bring on instant memories for me that are very vivid and detailed. I heard Dream Weaver by Gary Wright three times this past week and it meant that I had to share it today and also allowed me to relive my first few months living in Winnipeg. I moved to Winnipeg from British Columbia and was offered some help from a friend of a friend in locating some living accommodations. Unfortunately, I took his advice and moved into a penthouse in North Winnipeg, on Adsum Drive if you must know. I say unfortunately because I was single and fancy free and living in the heart of the suburbs is NOT where I should have been. I corrected that mistake later but in the meantime I had this brand new apartment complete with fireplace and white shag carpet, swimming pool and covered deck. One weekend afternoon, Dream Weaver, a top ten hit at the time, comes on the station I was listening to, and as I often do when alone, I cranked the volume up to ear-bleed. I stepped out on to the deck and left the doors open as I enjoyed the music. Now this is absolutely true; it was summer time and most people had their doors open and instead of complaints about the loud music coming from the top floor, I heard stereo after stereo being tuned to the same station and everyone else turning up their volume too. It was a great 3 minute party in the middle of the burbs. Oh, and to the girl in the chartreuse bikini by the pool with whom I shared a rhythmic moment or two, “Hi.”

I’m just as smooth as I ever was.

Tax season is coming to a close and I have booked a couple of weeks off starting next weekend. I was just looking at the “To Do” list and I have a feeling that I will be glad to return to work for a rest.