The story of your life is your opportunity to set the record straight. It is a legacy that will be cherished by its readers, an invaluable addition to your family tree and a personal history that clarifies your place in time and space. These 20 templates may seem daunting to some and incredibly skimpy to others when it comes to presenting your autobiography but you can choose how you approach the subject of YOU. Fill in all of the blanks, some of the blanks, or expand to capture the other details of your life not covered here. We will spend some time in the final segment looking at various options for creating the physical Legacy Bio and how and when to share it with others.

Life is full of moments, some good, some bad, some embarrassing, and a few that are inexplicable. There are moments of strength and courage and a few that we would take back if we could. Following is a list of prompts to show some of those moments in your life. You may want to use one word answers but it is far more fun if you include an explanation:

Did you ever:

steal something

appear nude – on purpose

have to go to the emergency room

tell off an authority figure (teacher, boss, policeman, customs agent, etc.)

fail a grade

skip a grade

find yourself giggling uncontrollably at a funeral or wedding

appear on TV

pick something up from the floor and eat it

pretend you were someone else


skinny dip (who with)

pray for a miracle

witness a miracle

break a bone

bungee jump

swim with sharks

pet a dangerous animal

shoot a gun

risk your life to save someone else

join any cults or weird organizations

meet someone really famous

hit on someone you shouldn’t have

run away from home

Have you ever been told that you have an exact “double”? Is there someone out there travelling the world who is a duplicate of you?

Let’s suppose that you could clone yourself – would you?

If you created a clone, what characteristics would they have, what strengths, life goals, successes, or challenges would they have?

If you had an “evil twin,” describe who they would be, what they would do and what their life would be like. Have you ever been tempted to live that “evil twin” life yourself?

If you could see 5 years into the future – would you do it?

What would you want to know?

What would you NOT want to know?

We are rapidly coming to the end of our personal memoir templates – one more next week. If you were to set aside one hour per week to complete this project, you would be creating a valuable, interesting and story of your life to be shared with the many people who are interested in your life and times. What an unselfish act of love that your are creating. If you decide to share and assist someone else in creating their own Legacy Bio, not only will they be forever grateful, so will their family and friends. What a wonderful thing you would be doing for someone else. As you position your own life within the context of the history that has happened around you, you bring a personal connection for the reader that cannot be found in any other way. Just do it!