boomers“If I only knew then what I know now,”
“If I had it to do over, I’d do it differently.”
Sayings that many of us have used, heard, or thought and yet we, the Baby Boomer generation, can do exactly that, create a whole new life using our experience as the basis for creating a long, active and productive future.
Many of us are in the process of trying to figure out what we want to do when we grow up (or as some people call it, retirement) and we are beginning to realize that unlike previous generations, we have health, vitality, intellectual curiosity, and little interest in watching “Friends” reruns. We have gleaned a lifetime of knowledge from both formal education and practical experience and are looking for a way to make use of it.
I know 2 couples who are spending part of their year in various parts of Africa volunteering and trying to make a difference and another couple who are setting up a “micro loan” program in Guatemala. Just two ideas in a world that needs us and our talents.
Here’s a sentence that came into my mind the other day:
This generation of Baby Boomers is getting the chance, on so many levels, to live, play and work with a lifetime of experience to guide us and a toy box full of technology to make it possible.
What’s possible – anything, including a complete “do over.”

3 thoughts on “WHAT IS RETIREMENT?

  1. Hey Bob!
    Thanks for sharing this perspective on the possibility of retirement. There is so much we boomers can do if we just look within instead of outside ourselves as we have been taught all these years.

  2. Great words of wisdom Bob. You are right now that we have finally grown up, retired, we get to do what we really want to do! A chance for a real ” do over” without anyone expecting anything from us!

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